Customising the inside of our office

No furniture met our requirements, so we designed our own

A last year, Tait Architects decided that they needed a way to keep the printing equipment and stationery tidier within the office. In the past, we had a printer on one table, a large format plotter on its own stand and spare paper etc in various locations around the building.

No storage solutions available on the market exactly met our requirements, so we decided to design our own instead.

Having worked out our design, we then went to a company we had been introduced to called Cutlist who were able to cut all our plywood boards to size and label each one so that they could be easily identified. The boards were delivered a few days later and assembled for us by a local carpenter.

You can read more about this project on Cutlist’s website.

Designing a building isn’t just about the exterior – creating an interior with the correct ergonomics and functionality which is visually in harmony with the exterior is just as important.

To find out more about how we can improve the inside and outside of your building, please get in touch.


A few months after creating the storage unit, we relocated to a larger office. Because of a tight staircase we decided that the only option was to cut this storage unit into three pieces to get it into the building. Once there it was re-assembled and now sits nicely in its new location.