Using BIM to make complex building projects simple

Building Information Modelling helps Tait Architects to avoid costly problems on site

On more technically complex projects such as the house extension to Linden Mews, Tait Architects use three dimensional modelling software and a system known as BIM (Building Information Modelling), to produce the detailed design for the building.

BIM enables us to liaise seamlessly with structural and MEP engineers, conveying complex forms to them. The other consultants also work using a similar process, which means that the separate models can later be combined together to detect any clashes. A clash is where two elements run into one another, but shouldn’t – for instance a pipe hits into a bean, or a column pokes out through a wall.

Resolving such issues during the design stage ensures that the process of construction on site runs more smoothly. It also has the advantage that the client can visualise the project more clearly, ensuring that they understand exactly what they are going to get.

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