1. Egremont Drive - Dusk view

Egremeont Drive – Reading

Earley, Reading

Egremeont Drive: two-storey extension to house on 1980s estate

The extension was for an additional floor above the existing garage to provide a further en-suite bedroom. The extension transformed the appearance of the property, giving it a more contemporary feel.

The treatment of glazing is the main feature of design to allow for generous amounts natural light. The full height glazing wraps around the vaulted ceilings and attention to details such as concealed gutters subtly upgrade the building’s appearance.

A sympathetic yet modern design was accomplished by utilising existing materials, such as brick and tile, but configured in a striking and modern way. A new triangular chimney created a feature fireplace in the existing part of the house while echoing the forms of the other new elements.

3D modelling was applied to describe the design rationale to local planning authority.

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