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Private residence spa and pool house

Ascot, Berkshire


A contemporary standalone spa and pool house, situated within the gardens of a large detached family home.



Our clients desired a luxurious and contemporary spa and sauna experience from the comfort of their own garden. They envisioned a swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, and a separate entertainment area as well as an external kitchen. It was also imperative that the design merge the proposed indoor space and the landscaped garden into a unified sensory experience.



The client wished to work with a specific pool contractor but have us conceive of an original design. Further, the area was to be dynamic and suitable for year-round use.



To realize our client’s vision, we determined to make the focal point of our design the connection between the beautifully landscaped garden (featuring a new outdoor kitchen and entertaining area) with the new indoor pool and spa space. To accomplish this, we incorporated full-height glazed doors at the corner of the structure so that, when the doors were pulled back, the resulting cantilevered ‘floating corner’ would erase the distinction between indoors and outdoors and evoke an open and fluent sense of space.

Again, to merge the landscaped garden with the pool space, our team designed a ‘stretched’, or curved, ceiling. This approach allows the colours and movement created by the pool below to reflect throughout the area. The incorporation of highly reflective surfaces and the generous use of glass throughout the new structure further provided an open and contemporary feel to the space. Roof lights positioned over the pool allow yet more natural light to enter, the view of the sky enhancing the pervading sense of indoor-outdoor coherence.

Finally, external finishes of white-render walls contrast with the matt black zinc roofing and detailing to complete the open, modern look the client came to us for.



The new spa building, including swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, and kitchen cover an area of approximately 230sqm.



This deluxe swimming pool and spa scheme has been successfully completed. It is now being relished by the family their visitors.

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