1. Pantone 376 - View from street
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Contemporary House Type for Developers


A Devon property developer who endeavours to build contemporary homes wanted to have a fresh design that is still cost effective and quick to build in their next set of homes.

Tait Architects designed a range of four homes, beginning with a two-bedroom home up to a five bedroom, each with an internal winter garden. The dramatic front façade of stone leads through to the internal winter garden. The landscaped courtyard within the building adds a visual permeability across both levels, flooding the interior with natural light.

Tait Architects also considered the costings so that even with all the glass used for the feature internal winter garden, it would be affordable and the build rate would be fast. This could be achieved by using innovative sips construction bonding rubble-stone on the sips boards.

The homes were designed so that the house sizes could be interspersed and they would flow well regardless of the layout, thereby being able to customise the layout to the dimensions of the plot of land. The streetscape would always be stunning.



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