1. White Cottage kitchen dining room
  2. White Cottage - view of terrace
  3. White Cottage - sliding windows
  4. White Cottage - Glazed corner
  5. Ground floor plan drawing of White Cottage by Tait Architects
  6. White Cottage - Kitchen
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White Cottage

Addlestone, Surrey


A new-build house replacing a derelict cottage located in the Greenbelt.


To replace an existing delapidated cottage with a contemporary new-build house, designed for entertaining whilst accommodating a young family.


Our concept retained a close relationship with the buildings surroundings.  Set within the Green Belt our proposal had to comply with the obstructive planning restrictions whilst taking into account the buildings location directly off a busy main road and making the most of the beautiful farmland views to the rear of the property.

In order to reduce excessive noise from the road only a few openings are located on the road elevation whilst there are large amounts of glazing to the rear, maximising the views across the surrounding farmland.

The floor plan is dissected by a glazed link that separates the open plan kitchen/living/dining room and the bedroom accommodation

The house retains heat excellently being constructed using high performance insulated timber panels and regulates temperature through whole house ventilation.  A heat-recovery system enhances the house’s sustainability credentials by maintaining a steady year-round temperature whilst reducing running costs.

The house is finished in high-quality white render and grey zinc cladding.  The third material is the landscape that can be viewed directly through the glazed link and ‘disappearing’ glazed corner.

The house features in the July 2013 issue of Real Homes




Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs),
Heat provided by integrated Air Source Heat Pump,
Outstanding air tightness, and
High eco-credentials despite large glazing levels.

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